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Email scam

This is a group email sent to you and your contacts. It will say something along the lines of: 'Where are you presently? I need your help for something very urgent so please get back to me via email as soon as you get this message.' DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL It is a scam, probably followed up by a  request for money for someone recovering from coronavirus.

Family Emergency Scam

Scammers may pose as relatives or friends, calling or sending messages to urge you to wire money immediately. They’ll say they need cash to help with an emergency — like getting out of police custody, paying a hospital bill, or needing to leave a foreign country. Their goal is to trick you into sending money before you realize it’s a scam.

Making payments to strangers scams

You receive an unsolicited e-mail or phone call from an individual claiming to be a solicitor, from the police, or other representative for a grandson, niece or other family member in distress who needs your help right away. Some callers attempt to impersonate the family member directly. Often the victim is told their family member has been imprisoned or detained, and a payment must be made for their release, fines, etc. Victims are instructed to purchase Amazon Gift Cards and provide the codes by phone or email. In other cases, victims are told their computer files or internet viewing activity has been captured, and to recover the files, a payment must be made using Amazon Gift Cards.

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