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Coming from New Zealand as an 18 year old, Cranwell was the formative experience of my life. While there I would look up to the College building from time to time and wonder that I could be there. In later years I would visit or see photos and feel great pride to be called a Cranwell Graduate and to wear RAF wings.

John Lanham 86B

The RAF College Cranwell is my soul's spiritual home. My 18 weeks' officer training at the College in 1984, on 79 IOTC, was the high point, and the happiest time, of my life.

Mark Rubenstein 79 IOTC

Still have vivid and pleasant memories of IOT; many moons ago now and still proud to be a Cranwellian

Chris Goss 41 GE

The first ‘100’ completed! A very fine place which produced, and still does, the best for the RAF. Well done and keep it going in this new world. From the last of the new few!

Derek Salisbury 101

It's only when one is on the outside of the RAF that one truly appreciates the excellent training and high standards that the Service instilled on us all. And the RAF College was the initiator and instigator of those standards and discipline. There's a wealth of memories and experiences of 27 GE (Nov 76-Feb 77), but none more than our passing out inspection by the Commandant outside CHOM at 11pm on the night of our graduation; it was a first time and a last time, caused by a snow storm earlier in the day only to have a clear moonlit evening after our celebratory dinner. Thus 27GE was "Inspected by Moonlight". Congratulations, RAFC, on a century of service to so many generations of trainees and thanks for equipping me so well for military and civilian life.

Christopher Pomfret 27 GE