In previous letters, I have described how we intend to celebrate the College centenary in 2020, by erecting a statue of our founder Lord Trenchard.


I described, too, the formation of a project team led by Air Marshal Sir Chris Coville, and its tasks.


The team has been busy. It has circulated a Request for Proposal ( RFP), received 4 design proposals, met to review them all, and recommended a best value sculptor, Vivien Mallock. Trustees have met, discussed with the team leader, and confirmed the team recommendation. The sculptor is now engaged in the further research necessary to complete the design.


Cranwellians will have received a letter from me or from Chris Coville asking for your financial support, and many of you have responded generously towards our target of £120k for statue and plinth; but we do need to maintain this momentum. Accordingly, whilst taking this opportunity to thank those of you who have donated, may I entreat those who have yet to respond to make a contribution to a project which is making good progress, and will surely be a splendid and enduring way to celebrate the centenary of our great College, whilst uniting Cranwellians of all eras.

The Trenchard Memorial Appeal

President Cranwellian Association

9 March 2018

Project Briefing

Update on Progress

11 April 2018