The Trenchard Memorial Appeal

The Trenchard Memorial Appeal - First sight of the maquette

Members of the Project Team lead by Sir Chris Coville visited the artist chosen to create the statue of Lord Trenchard on 9th April at her studio.

They were able to finalise the terms of the contract and the artist, Viv Mallock, showed the team the early design study of the statue.

The pictures show Sir Chris and Viv with a miniature of the statue and the miniature in more detail.” contact us


Dear Cranwellians,

You will recall that I have been appointed to lead the Team which will deliver a statue of Lord Trenchard to mark the Centenary of the first cadet courses at Cranwell in 1920.

We have made significant progress since my last missive:

-     We have selected from competition Vivien Mallock as the sculptor; Vivien is a renowned artist, and has been commissioned for several national level sculptures; see her website at

-     Fundraising has progressed well, with the Trustees having given the go-ahead to proceed in the confidence that our target of circa £120-140K is achievable. After only four months, we have some £60K in the bank. We do have several Cranwellians who have either pledged money and have yet to pay, or who have yet to respond to earlier correspondence; I entreat you to action accordingly.

-     Chris Saunby has managed to secure full charitable status for the project, which means that for all contributions made by UK taxpayers, HMRC reimburses 25% in Gift Aid, providing the necessary simple paperwork is completed.

-     Ali McKay is doing good work, under the difficult circumstances of RAF 100 donations, securing contributions from businesses and enterprises with a Cranwell connection.

-     Mike Horton and Phil Rodgers are working with the College staff on the challenging issue of planning and siting; more in due course.

-     Mike Smith continues to do a great job on the website; see

I intend to give a short briefing on the progress of the project at our AGM at Cranwell in June. In the meantime, do please continue to support the appeal, which I hope all now agree is on track to yield a lasting and fitting memorial to our Founder.



Sir Christopher Coville

Air Marshal


7 May 2018