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Association Strategy

News Update

At the end of the AGM held at the RAF college Cranwell on 16 June 2018 the members present were given an update on the proposals for a revision of the Association strategy. The review was led by Air Marshal Sir Christopher Coville.

Working with the Chairman, the strategy he and his group have produced has now been approved by the trustees. A full copy of the strategy can be viewed by clicking here.

The aim of the strategy is to revitalise the Association and to make it more relevant for retired RAF officers and the younger generation joining the Royal Air Force. The strategy seeks to make the Association more appealing and relevant for the membership. At the core of the strategy are the Association's charitable objectives and the preservation of the ethos and heritage of the College and the Royal Air Force.

The key to implementation of the strategy has been to recruit an enthusiastic and dedicated group of members to fulfil roles within an executive committee. The trustees have delegated to that executive committee the authority to implement the objectives set out in the strategy. We are pleased be able to report that the executive committee is now established and the individuals appointed to roles within the committee are:

Chair: Sir Christopher Coville

Legal/Secretary: Chris Saunby secretary@rafca.org.uk

Chief Finance Officer: tba

Membership Sec: Mike Horton membership@rafca.org.uk

Events/Reunion Sec: Philip Bright reunion@rafca.org.uk

Director Enabling Technology: Mike Smith it@rafca.org.uk

Heritage Sec/CA Curator: Ian Steward heritage@rafca.org.uk

Leadership/Development: Sir Christopher Coville and Chris Saunby, with co-ordination through Richard Slogrove.

International Defence Engagement: Wg Cdr Paula Willmot, RAF College

Marketing:  Ali McKay (ad hoc, on a project agreed basis)

The committee is still short of a volunteer to fill the important role of finance officer. This position would suit an ex-RAF officer with experience of accountancy or a similar role after their RAF career. Anyone interested in this position should contact Chris Saunby the Association secretary.