After the cessation of hostilities in November 1918, the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Hugh Trenchard was determined to maintain the Royal Air Force as an independent service rather than let the Army and Navy control air operations again. The establishment of an air academy, which would provide basic flying training, provide intellectual education and give a sense of purpose to the future leaders of the service was therefore a priority. Trenchard chose Cranwell as the College's location because, as he told his biographer:

"Marooned in the wilderness, cut off from pastimes they could not organise for themselves, the cadets would find life cheaper, healthier and more wholesome."

Royal Air Force College Cranwell

The oldest military air academy in the world


Revision Date 23 January 2018

..and celebrates a centenary of service in 2020

The College opened in 1920...







"The Air Service service still flourishes; its health depends on a secret elixir of immortality which enables a body to repair its severest losses. The name of that elixir is tradition." - Professor Sir Walter Raleigh

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