Adams Roger    (74B)

Baker Robert    (74C)

Bannister Peter    (74A)

Brown Jeremy    (74A)

Carr-Whitr Christopher    (74B)

Chalmers-Watson Irvine    (74A)

De Garis David    (74A)

Delafield John    (74B)

Digby      (74A)

Freeman Michael    (74B)

Garside Alan    (74B)

Gibbons Michael    (74C)

Goodman Anthony    (74A)

Hennessey Flavian    (74C)

Johnston Brian    (74B)

Johnston Robert    (74C)

Kent Peter    (74A)

Kimmedy Michael    (74B)

Lucas David    (74C)

Malloch John    (74B)

Nicholls David    (74A)

Pilgrim-Morris John    (74A)

Potter Christopher    (74A)

Puckering John    (74A)

Roberts Andrew    (74C)

Saye Jeremy    (74B)

Skelley     (74)

Slayter Ralph    (74A)

Spencer Trevor    (74B)

Thurnell David    (74C)


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Commandant : Air Cdre T A B Parselle CBE                   Graduation Reviewing Officer ACM Sir Demot Boyle KCVO KBE CB AFC

74 Entry      11 January 1956 - 16 December 1958