66 Entry       29 April 1953 - 13 December 1955

Armstrong James    (66B)

Barrow  John    (66A)

Bulloch Ian    (66A)

Burns James    (66C)

Card Sidney    (66B)

Carter Peter    (66B)

Derby Graham    (66B)

Fraser Malcolm    (66C)

Griffiths Michael    (66C)

Hubbard Geoffrey    (66A)

May Neville    (66B)

Norman Jeremy    (66B)

Osborne Malcolm    (66A)

Raeburn Peter    (66A)

Sawyer Peter    (66B)

Schooling Bryan    (66C)

Walker Michael    (66B)

Watson Ian    (66C)

Wilmot Christopher    (66B)

Commandant : Air Cdre H. Eeeles CBE                Graduation Reviewing Officer ACM Sir Francis Fogarty KCB KBE DFC AFC


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