62 Entry       10 January 1952 - 27 July 1954

Commandant : Air Cdre H. Eeeles CBE CB CBE,                  Graduation Reviewing Officer General Alfred M Gruenther (SACEUR)


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Entry Coordinator: Mike Allisstone

1954 Passing Out Parade of 62 Entry

General Gruenther Colours and escort marching on.

General Gruenther arriving on parade ground and inspects cadets.

Presentation of sword of honour to Flight/Cadet P.H. Stanning.

27 July 1954

Peter Stanning (62A) died  on 20 Feb 1958 aged 25, in 80 Sqn Canberra PR7 with Master Nav Alan Rand, after a tailplane actuator failure caused tailplanes to break away and rear fuselage to break up near Coesfeld, Germany.


Allisstone  M J        C      Newport H.S.

Bates  R D       A            

Bichard K            B

Briggs K R       B

Brimson I D       B

Butt M N            C  

Champion J H       A

Cooper A C       C

Crook M A            B  

Dinnis J J J       A

Dobson J B M       A  

Dufton A            C  

Edwards D G       A

Farwell J            C

Forse W E C       C

Frith E D            B

Gale  R A           A  

Gubbins R B       C

Hardy M J            A

Howells  M A     A

James C P       B

Jennings J K       C

Kearl I A R       A

Keppie I H            C

Kerrigan J G       B

King P J            A

King C E            C

MacGregor A       A

McIntyre D       C

Miller C J            A

Murmann R H L       B

Owen L T            A

Pearson C        B

Poyser G F       C

Rankin M E       C

Richard D M       B

Southgate M R       A

Stanning P H       A

Taylor B E            B

Tierney J E       C

Whitaker A J W       C

Whittam J R       C

Wilkinson I D       B