58 Entry      14 July 1950 - 14 April 1953

Commandant :AVM LF Sinclair GC CB CBE DSO                     Graduation Reviewing Officer ACM Sir Hugh P Lloyd KCB KBE MC DFC LLD

RIP 29 Nov 2019

Gp Capt David Benjamin Hives, who as  Flt Lt ‘Benjy’ Hives taught  many cadets to fly at Barkston Heath.

Amongst his pupils were Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon RAF, GCB, CBE, ADC


Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard  Johns, GCB, KCVO, CBE:-

Following a very shaky start at Barkston I was passed on to Benjy for sorting out. After our first trip he commented that he wasn’t sure whether I was incredibly thick or bone idle. I think I replied probably a bit of both which made him laugh but his comment certainly bucked me up and he got me though term 1 on PPs. Interestingly Pete Taylor (73B) wrote to me not that long before he died after seeing Benjy named in my book saying Benjy did a similar repair job on him. I retain the fondest memories of Benjy.

Dick Johns


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Allan  Patrick    (D)

Armitage  Michael    (C)

Atkin Peter    (D)

Bowyer  George    (A)

Boyle John    (B)

Brett Derek    (D)

Calvert Richard    (C)

Edwards Michael    (C)

Elton Patrick    (D)


Ginn Alan    (B)

Goodall Philip    (A)

Gray  Paul   

Harris Anthony    (A)

Hill Anthony    (C)

Hives Benjamin    (A)

Hodgkinson Wilfred    (D)

Holman David    (D)

Holmes Christopher    (D)

House David    (B)

Johnson James    (A)

Jonas Gerald    (B)

Leary John    (B)

Montalto Reno    (D)

Northway Bruce    (A)

Pack John    (A)

Pyrah Roger    (A)

Renshaw John    (C)

Roberts Robert    (C)

Rose Robert    (C)

Salmond James    (C)

Salt      (B)

Samuels David    (B)

Shearer James    (D)

Stacey Derek    (A)

Taylor Geoffrey    (5B)

Tetley John    (C)

Topping William    (B)

Tottman      (D)

Turner George    (C)

Underdown Peter    (A)

Watson Bryan    (B)

Weskett Brain    (B)

Wyborn David    (A)