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Bruce C M  45B   -

Christopher Cafferata HW  45A   -

HenryCurtis C F A   45B   -

Christopher Hamley D B D  45B   -

Darrel Hermitage G M   45A   -

GeoffreyKing J E Y  45C   -

John McGrigor A K   45C   -

Alexander Morrice J W  45C   -

John Morris H R W   45A   -

Hugh Robinson M M J   45B   -

Michael Smith L S R   45A   -

Laurence Tavanyar R L   45C   -

Raymond Vallance C M A   45A   -


45 Entry      3 January 1947 - 3 April 1948

Commandant :   Air Cdre R L R Atcherley CBE AFC                Graduation Reviewing Officer  MRAF Lord Newell GCB OM GCMG CBE AM