Graduation Reviewing Officer     



Awan Aizad    (A)               Government College, Lahore

Berens Richard    (A)          Wellington

Beresford-Peirse Francis  (C)     Eton

Bradley Jack    (A)               St. John's College, Southsea

Broughton Charles (B)          Bank College, N.Z.

Burwood Ilorace    (B)          High School, Colchester

Carter Robert    (C               Halton

Combe Andrew    (B)          Rugby

dePentheny     (B)               Downside

Evans Dcnald    (B)          Wellington

Gale Thomas    (A)               Halton

Gosnell Robert    (A)          Malvern

Gully Bernard    (B)          Burntwood, Caterham

Humphreys Herbert   (A)          Cambridge County High S.

Lee David    (C)               Bedford

Leonard Williams    (B)          Lancing College

Lloyd Claude    (A)               Hurstpierpoint

Marchbank Stanley    (B)          Halton     

Michell Douglas    (B)          Portsmouth G.S.

Middleton Lawrence    (C)     Eton

Morton Crichton    (B)          King William College, I. of M.

Moseley Thomas    (B)          Queen Elizabeth G.S., Tamworth

Mukerjee Subroto    (A)          Presidency College, Calcutta

Peel John    (A)               Clifton College

Rhys Mervyn    (A)               Monmouth S.

Rolfe Theodore    (C)          Pangbourne

Seymour Paul    (C)          Stowe

Shaw Richard    (A)          Scarborough H.S.

Shore Donald    (A)          Highgate

Singh Anargit    (B)          Government College, Lahore

Singh Bhupindra    (B)          Christian College, Lahore

Sircar Harish    (C)               St. Stephen's S., Delhi

Tanner William    (C)          Capetown Diocesan College

Passing Out

A Sqn

AVM A M Longmore     CB DSO  

30-9 Entry        September 1930 - July 1932


Subroto Mukerjee

Amarjeet Singh

Bhupendra Singh


Known as the ‘Father of the Indian Air Force’, India’s first Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee was one of Indian Air Force’s first recruits and went on to win numerous awards throughout his illustrious career.

He was commissioned in the Indian Air Force (IAF) as a pilot in October 1932 and became chief of air staff in April 1954.

Subroto was one of the six Indians selected for training as pilots at the RAF College, Cranwell.

From six officers and 19 Hawai Sepoys back in 1933, the Air Force now is the fourth largest in the world.

In 1930, six young men (Harish Chandra Sircar, Subroto Mukherjee, Amarjit Singh, Bhupendra Singh, Aizad Baksh Awan and T.N. Tandon) were sent  to train as pilots at RAF Cranwell, while 29 were recruited from railway workshops in India to train as hawai sepoys or apprentice aircraft hands.

The first squadron of the IAF, No.1 Squadron, was formed in 1932 equipped with just one Westland Wapiti (nicknamed  “what a pity”) aircraft.

However, it was only in 1937 that the Indian pilots, who had by then familiarised themselves with flying rules and regulations, were sent on their first field operation in the North-West Frontier Province, where they proved their worth.

The Beat Up

30-9 Entry        4th September 1930 - 27th July 1932

'Titch' Tandon

Harish Sircar

Aizad Awan